Saturday 16 May 2015

''2nd Generation Ghanaian ''

Red representing the blood they shed for us , Gold representing the mineral wealth of ''OUR'' country ,Green representing the natural wealth and lastly the black star a symbol of African emancipation.

God bless our homeland Ghana!! 

''Patriotic'' they say ... Yes indeed I am.

''Biased''  they mutter ... not at all please read on . 
Our culture and our heritage is so special and simply beautiful .

So then why did it take me 18 years to realize that ? 

I was embarrassed because of the way Africa was portrayed. 

 Ashamed to be an African , ''the poor Continent'' , ashamed to be among the ''primitive and the illiterate''. 

Little did I know that Ghana was the first black African country to become independent from the British colony. Ghana paved the way for neighbouring countries in the West such as Nigeria and Sierra Leon.  

Being brought up in Britain gives us no excuse to not acknowledge Ghana. Being the younger generation and also  having the opportunity to experience both sides of the culture  , we  therefore , we have a duty. 
Currently we are experiencing an ''illiberal democracy'' says American scholar Fareed Zakaria
So where are the politics students ? 
''Expensive and unreliable healthcare'' says my elderly grandmother. Where are the entrepreneurs? 

It is our turn to the pave the way.

It is time to give back and the time to finish what Yaa Asantewaa ,  Dr Kwame Nkrumah , Dr J.B Danquah , Nana Prempeh (1870-1931) and many more started. 
It is important that we work together .
You and I both know we have the skills and attributes , You and I also know that we wouldn't be where we are today if it wasn't for our brave ancestors. 
''We need to invest in ourselves and work together to build our nation ''- CEO of GUBA Ms Dentaa Amoateng


  1. Yes. Everything we all wanted to say. Has been said. Keep going. ❤️👌🏿

  2. Wow! This is amazing and well written- keep it up 👏🏾✌🏿️💯

  3. Very Impressed! Do we have a 2nd Generation Yaa Asantewaa in the making here?