Thursday 10 December 2015

We lack nothing BUT Political and Economic stability .

Oil ,Gold, Diamonds , Aluminum and many more lie in the heart of Africa , we possess all these credible materials however fail to excel to the same extent like our neighbouring continents and the excuse should not be because it is "Africa". We need to come to terms and understand that because it is "Africa" we can achieve economic and political credibility to the full extent.

We lack nothing but political and economic stability.All these commodities we possess as a continent lead to affluence, especially oil and aluminum to be more precise.The United Kingdom does not produce enough or any of those mentioned above , neither does the United States or Russia to a substantial level but yet these nations strive , but yet these nations are respected like no other  and they are placed on high tables before African Nations , Why ? ....

Since the 1990's countries of sub Saharan Africa have held multiparty elections ushering in the hope that Africa might finally move beyond its reputation for rapacious despots and rampant corruption. Although democracy has in many ways opened up African politics and brought people liberty ,it has also produced a degree of chaos and instability that has made corruption and lawlessness worse in many countries. Africa, according to Michael Chege have overemphasized multiparty elections and  the basic tenets of liberal governance. These tenets will prove hard to come by, since most of Africa has not developed economically or constitutionally. African nations needs more urgently a good government rather than democracy. Please understand that Democracy does not necessary mean good government . The continent has skipped important hurdles such as industrialization , we have not been able to successfully go through economical and political transformation to the full extent . However , this is not entirely our fault , partial failure lies in the hands of the western nations that colonized African countries, this hindered Africa going through the process of industrialization.By the time most African countries had gained independence , western nations were already thriving economically and politically and instead of  our African nations going through the process of modernization many quickly tried to mimic and compete alongside with western countries which has proved to be detrimental on many African nations.

I focused on Africa and not specific nations within it because I believe that collectively we have sadly missed on basic tenets due to a lengthy list of factors such as colonization and if not for this Africa as a continent may have also been recognized as superpower a very long time ago . Very bold statement right ? Well I'm not taking it back.  Notice that I say ''we''  , I will never stop stressing the fact that I was born and raised in England but my love and concern for Africa is indescribable. 

We need leaders that are not driven by megalomania , leaders that are not ashamed to start from the beginning in order for us to have the best end result . We need stable institutions that support the people and their rights. The list goes on and on  and I will not stop till I achieve to advocate the importance of a stable continent and how oneness will help us achieve this. 

Dorcas Boatemaa Okyere


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  2. Good analysis and enthusiasm.. Needs review tho after our "little" discussion.